1. Snow Day! Brunch Day! Kids Day! Slowing Down is so nice… – View on Path.

  2. Last day of the year! Relaxing after a great run! Time to reflect on 2013 and jump full speed in 2014! – View on Path.


  3. peersorg:

    UPDATE: The Dinner with Peers events happening around the world are simply amazing. The photos, the ideas, the food - that food! - shared by this global community are inspiring and exciting.

    Check out the best photos in our running update HERE.


    UPDATE: 4 new countries added!


    (Source: peersorg)

  4. Good Morning North Eastern American Earth Living Animal. – View on Path.

  5. What a joy to Cook! Everything in life is like cooking! The More you Cook! The better you get! The more you like it! better start young to enjoy doing essential task like cooking! Coding is next in line for me! – View on Path.

  6. A little benchmarking for BZH Butter Lover and Producer! Butter “Sel de Guerande”, “Algue de la Fin de la Terre”, Herbes du “Mont Saint Michel”, Sauce “BBQ Français”.„, – View on Path.

  7. I remember! What about you just before I took the Road! Perhaps like Ben or J@ck Kero@c talk to you soon! I think I found the Hero behind the success of @Ben Harper in Europe…. Will love to talk to him! Brilliant Marketer of Talent! – View on Path.

  8. ~~ Lay on B ~ Let it B ~ Full of B ~~ – View on Path.

  9. I love BBQ Memorial Day With Family! – View on Path.

  10. Tea? – Watch on Path.